The Fighting☆Otaku

“At wind speed 3 meters, I hold onto you and endure it, guish
Your chest thumps, your tummy cramps, I’m Sugar Sugar S W E E T!!”

☆ ☆ ☆
Izumi Konata here, front and center~! Reportin’ for duty, ready for action, an’ rarin’ to go! Phew, this is tiring… Anyway, I hope we can be good friends, ne?
It’s way more fun that way, yup! ( = ω = )

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"Eh? It’s called ‘The One’."

☆ — "Hoh? Sounds mysterious~ What’s it about?"



Needs to stop reading manhwa that makes her cry.

☆ — "What’cha readin’ there, neechan?"

Club Pages!!!


Here are the club pages that have been made. Go follow them!!

☆ — "O-ho! The maid cafe’s finally up an’ runnin’, huh?"

your-fairy-godfather-deactivate sent: "Hmmmm...have you ever considered a makeover, miss? I could make you look stunning!"

☆ — “A makeover? Not really, no… though I put my hair up for Ponytail Day a while back, and I looked pretty fab. Didja have anything in mind?”




Nagisa flopped over, flailing around a bit. “Heeeey, that was cold!” He sat up, pouting as he looked around for the one who had hit him. He seen another student that he didn’t recognize. “What was that for?” Nagisa stuck his tongue out at the girl.

☆ — Konata snickered and hopped over through the drifts of snow; the fuzzy pompoms on her winter boots bouncing with each step. Holding out one mitten-covered hand, she casually offered it to the boy with the intention of pulling him back up.

"Just messin’ with ya, compadre. Wanna have a snowball fight?”



"Awah, look at all the snow!" Brr it was cold!

☆ — A mischievous smirk worked it’s way onto the petite girl’s mouth when her eyes alighted on the blond; completely unsuspecting, with his back to her.

'Too easy~'

Scooping up a handful of snow and molding it into a ball, Konata reared back and let fly—the snowball smacking the boy right between the shoulder blades in a puff of white.

Ski Trip Arrangements: Girls



Here are the pairings for the girl’s cabins:

  • Alice || Karin 
  • Kurisu || Asako
  • Konata || Satomi
  • Lightning || Siran 
  • Mamimi || Nova || Mami
  • Kahoko || Mei
  • Anna || Arai 
  • Blake || Gou
  • DalDal || Nakamura 

Important: If you do not see your name on the list and you are participating in the event, then please message up ASAP!


☆ — "Ooh? A ski trip? Sounds like a lotta fun~!" Looks like she’d gotten back at the perfect time!

"… but isn’t it July?"

Sounds like a lotta work to me. I think I’ll pass, I’d rather play, and I’ll ask for help when I get stuck!